Aeromodelling involves design, making and flying model planes.

Model categories:

  • 1.- Free flyght models: these include, rubber band planes, elastic launched aircrafts and gliders.
  • 2.- Control line, also known as u-control
  • 3.- Radio control: RC

You can use this guide for beginners

Elastic launched or catapult launched gliders (CLG)

A simple model to start with: Skyhawk. Some pictures

Other simple models:

Rubber band powered models

How to Make an Ornithopter: video.

Foamboard or depron models (cartón pluma que dicen en los chinos)

Simple rc model for beginners Skinny Dumbo.

A Good place to start here.

Other simple model MINI SPEEDSTER .

Cute models: visit this site.

Only PRO visit this site.

MATERIALS for Skinny Dumbo


Control line models

Marquetería models

Fokker: click here.

Motor type: CORELESS

Those are DC motors which rotor hasn't any iron part. So they are light, with great accelerations, and low current losses.

Motor type: BRUSHLESS

They are DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors


  • Deprom (XPS), 3-6mm
  • EPP/EPO Foam
  • EPS Foam: this is your traditional "Styrofoam-like" Foam

Modelismo espacial

Manual modelismo espcial click here.

SpainRocketry click here.

French Rocketry click here.

Suppliersclick here.

Motor Candyclick here.

Simulador de cohetesclick here.

Tienda cohetesclick here.